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Aedonis Bravo InterviewZ

In our current timeline it seems conversation and dialogue have been abandoned for uncontrolled bouts of emotion and hot takes. I have however met some really interesting people whose opinions I greatly respect. One of those people is Writer, Blogger, Thinker and social media personality Aedonis Bravo.

@JaredoTexas: The Hotep term is becoming more well known but still somewhat of a mystery, What is a Hotep?

@lordaedonis: I’m not too active with the Twitter movement anymore, but to me Hotep is a mindset. Self empowerment, not letting others take the blame for things you can fix yourself, holding yourself accountable for your own transgressions…  that’s Hotep. However, it’s a word that has many different meanings depending on who you ask.

@JaredoTexas: We have been good friends for a while now, I consider myself right wing with heart. What would you consider yourself?

@lordaedonis: I’m honestly not even sure. I have in the heat of the moment of the past called or labeled myself quite a few things (centrist, right wing, conservative) however, at the current moment I’ve sort of gotten past letting that kind of stuff guide my direction. Like Chris Rock said, “Anyone who decides their opinion before they hear the issue is an idiot”.

@JaredoTexas: Are the Hotep Right Wing?

@lordaedonis I’d say so.

@JaredoTexas: As an important figure in the black Hotep community if you could send a few messages to the new generation what would they be?

@lordaedonis: Honestly, I’d say people need to stop trying to focus so much on community unity and fix their families first. There are a lot of familial issues within our communities that could be better addressed, but instead we’re focusing on tearing down statues and fighting people for saying words “they shouldn’t say”.

@JaredoTexas: If you could  give some advice to young people of all races looking for the truth?

@lordaedonis Be more observant and objective, you can never beat or survive well in any system you’re a part of (voluntarily or not) without fully understanding how it operates. 

@JaredoTexas: Truth is really up for debate these days, how do you find your truth?

@lordaedonis: I figure it out myself. One thing people have a habit of these days is seeing something that confirms their bias or viewpoint and going “yup, that’s the truth” cuz it makes them look right. I was one of these types of people at a point early on in the election, but I figured out eventually it leads you to embarrassing yourself and it;s not a good way to live. No one wants to be a parrot, and for a lot of people at this point in politics its about absorbing and repeating information back to as many people as you can whether it’s true or not.

@JaredoTexas: I don’t claim a hashtag or group as an identity. I do however get called the typical names racist / white nationalist / nazi / alt right. What do you think about these names that go around?

@lordaedonis: I’ve been called a few of these things myself (I’m pretty sure I’ve been called a nazi before) so it’s interesting how often people call people these things without knowing if it’s actually the case or not. It’s kinda dangerous actually.

@JaredoTexas: Any last things you would like to mention or promote?

@lordaedonis: (Shameless self promotion) I have two books I’d like to mention, one that has already been released and I count as my amateur release called CONTROL, and then my next book which I’m really proud of – NOBODY CARES, WORK HARDER – which you can find more information about at my blog unlockyourbravado.com. The blog has ways to keep up with me on various social media sites including TwitterYoutube and Facebook!

@JaredoTexas: I would like to thank Aedonis for doing this interview and recommend everyone reading this check out his Books Blog and Social Media accounts.


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