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Memetic warfare

Recently Meme Legend Arthur @PrimariedArthur created a masterpiece of epic proportions. When I first saw it; I was taken away with its brilliance!  I have come to expect that from Arthur. The more I look and examine it the more I am amazed at its craftsmanship, its knowledge and study of the culture game. It’s not only an art piece and a meme-  it’s also a snap shot in time. This meme and many like it are historical documents of a larger group of online revolutionaries fighting the flood of communism and other injustices online and in real life.

Click on the image to examine! These are some of the leaders in our revolution for freedom and liberty – but certainly not all of the leaders, as not all of them can ever be represented in one piece of art work.

Ask yourself how many followers do these heroes have?

It’s certain that the influence that the people in this meme have collectively is some of the largest, albeit the  least funded media organization on earth.

This piece is dedicated to all meme war veterans! Please share.


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