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As I sat in my loft apartment in Corpus Christi and heard Harvey rip boards off of windows and windows break I was shook. I was watching online as Rockport a neighbor community was ripped from the earth. Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, Portland and InglesideTexas all took on huge damage.
I was scared of what was happening to me and the south Texas community I live in. Many of my coworkers evacuated for safer grounds.  Many people went east as they had friends and family away from the Hurricane.

A coworker of mine tweeted saying that he would stay and face it. Well we survived and that friend chased the hurricane with a group of his friends #TexasNavy Trucks  and boats headed east and saved lives around Houston.  My Bar buddy Rudy has been working 15 hour days getting the power grid reset and rebooting and installing portable sub stations to get the power back going.
Our President Donald J Trump came to Corpus Christi and thousands of proud Americans/Texas went to see him and chanted USA and Trump. We were so proud to see him. I think it should be noted that Corpus Christi is a Hispanic community and these were Hispanic Latinos who cheered our POTUS.

Texas is strong

Texas didn’t flinch

Texas loves Trump

God Bless Texas

God Bless USA

God Bless Trump

– Jaredo Texas

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