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Kyle Morris Interviewz

This election cycle was many things… Crazy, Memetic and otherwise world changing.

A lot is said about who exactly were these people that got Donald J Trump elected. Well I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.  It was the Millennials!

One of the most active college students in the Trump movement was Kyle Morris.  I sat down with Kyle Morris Journalist and founder of @conservsavage to dig a little deeper.

@JaredoTexas – So Kyle I know you have been in politics for a while, at what age did you get involved in politics?

@conservsavage – I really started understanding politics in 2008, but it was not until this past election that I really took the initiative to become involved and put my voice to use. I saw how divided our country had become under the Obama administration and I knew that something must be done. I would say I became involved around the age of 16. 

@JaredoTexas – You are or we’re associated with College Republicans. Please tell me about that experience and what you learned through that process?

@conservsavage – Yes, I have been involved with many different organizations on my campus, such as College Republicans and TPUSA. Through those organizations, I have learned that many different individuals share a similar mindset with unique and different ways to achieve the ultimate goal of prosperity for this amazing country. More importantly, I have learned that many millennials are fed up with the establishment in DC and are ready for a massive change that promotes equality for all, whether you be a liberal or conservative voice in America.

@JaredoTexas – Explain to me the point in your life you decided to support Trump and why?

@conservsavage – I decided to support Trump once I found out that he was running for president. I have always been a fan of his ideas on immigration into America and total security for this country and its people. He is also putting people back to work and bringing jobs to America. I also knew that he would be a newcomer in Washington and that he hadn’t been formerly brainwashed by the many corrupt politicians in Washington.

@JaredoTexas – What are your future hopes for our country?

@conservsavage – I pray every single day for unity in this country. Identity politics is destroying this country. Everyone wants to play victim. It is a game that the left and Democratic party has been playing for quite some time. 

@JaredoTexas – Is there any moment in this struggle to make a better America that you have changed opinions about a subject?

@conservsavage –  There have been minor issues that I may have been slightly misinformed about when I spoke, but overall there has not been a big issue that I have shifted opinions on.

@JaredoTexas – If you were to explain your politics, what would they be?

@conservsavage – I consider myself to be a Conservative in America. Safety is very important to me in this country. Obviously, financial stability is very important as well. We need to get people off welfare and back to work. Everyone in this country who is an able body should be working, NOT living off the government. We must watch who comes into our country very closely and we must also work to establish a system where everyone in America’s ideas are considered equally. We are in an era where being politically correct is going to get someone killed.

Is there anything else you would like to promote, or points you would like to make?

@conservsavage – Sure! I am the editor-in-chief of conservativesavage.com where you can write freely on issues you find important in America. The site is not primarily reserved for Conservatives. I also want a liberal opinion. I won’t tolerate degrading behavior from liberals or conservatives. Both must be respectful to all. Check it out!

@JaredoTexas – In the future going forward what would you like to accomplish as a personality in social media?

@conservsavage – My main operative in using Twitter and online resources is to give a voice to conservatives that may not currently have one. We are all in this together and I believe we, as conservatives, should not be silenced just because we all don’t see America the same way as liberals. After college, I would like to become a political commentator where I report the truth and only the truth. 

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