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dnew vanguard series

Back in 2010 our film crew examined the border wall that is erected between Southern California and Mexico. Seven years have passed and America has not fixed the problems examined in this objective short film. After watching this short film you will understand some of the harrowing experiences the American  citizens are dealing with living along the border all while the Border Patrol enforcement whom have little resources to handle the scope of the increasing dangers.

Dick is right. “Every American should see this.” It is real and it is striking. In some places it stands 18 feet tall and looks like the gates of Mordor. In other places, it is barely 10 feet tall and looks like it was put together with a stapler. It runs from the Colorado River directly into the Pacific. It is big, intense and intimidating. And it is unfinished. Gaping holes are everywhere. Physically it’s confusing. Politically it’s puzzling. Ideologically it’s complicated. But for Dick and Ron, who both live within a few miles of the border, defending it is simply a matter of protecting themselves and preserving their own beliefs. Drug smugglers don’t come to the United States to make an honest living. As the recent killing of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas shows, the border is more than a moral line in the sand. The fence is real. We recommend a visit.

A film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari


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